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 presents some of the special offers:

  Witchery – Dont Fear The Reaper, CD

Century Media 2006

For a band whose style was virtually defined by albums that thrashed at very high speeds from start to finish, Witchery’s long anticipated fourth opus, Don’t Fear the Reaper, is astonishingly slow. Almost suspiciously so, prompting the usual questions about the feasibility of alien abduction (which the bandmembers would probably happily confirm) and whether their fans will revolt and renege them for having such audacity. Some invariably will, but since most know that Witchery have never taken themselves as seriously as most extreme metal bands, chances are they could probably care less about such minutiae. Especially because, aside from their more moderately paced rhythms, new tracks like “The Ritual,” “Damned in Hell,” and “Styx” bear all of the other well-known Witchery qualities of wickedly evil melodies intertwined with abnormally clean, catchy riffs, and generally uncomplicated arrangements that make them far easier to digest than the rest of the Scandinavian metal milieu. The song “Ashes” is especially deliberate, but uses unapologetically cartoonish gothic organs to alleviate its visions of cemetery dread, and helps make up for frontman Toxine’s unusually somber lyrics this time out. In fact, where his disarmingly fun tales of devilry were often the highlight of previous works, he’s seems conspicuously less dominant on Don’t Fear the Reaper, leaving the rest of the guys to forge ahead instrumentally across the marshal-percussion driven tandem of “Disturbing the Beast” and “War Piece,” and the surprisingly memorable (for an instrumental) “The Wait of the Pyramids,” which climaxes in an absolutely massive finale reminiscent of Metallica’s “Call of Ktulu.” Wrapping up the loose ends, speed fetishists are occasionally given their fix via road racers like “Immortal Death,” “Cannon Fodder,” and the quite excellent “Plague Rider,” while album standout “Stigmatized” masterfully melds the best of both domains. So keep in mind that, at a time when most every other extreme metal band and their grandmothers are boarding the neo-thrash train, it’s to Witchery’s credit and independence that they choose to head in the exact opposite direction. This and the reality that Don’t Fear the Reaper is simply an excellent death metal record should supersede listeners’ preconceived expectations.


Whilst we are onto presenting Witchery, we can also mention the band´s album Symphony For the Devil,CD

Released via the Label Music For Nations,2001

By combining the influences of the nascent thrash of the mid-’80s with the increased spittle and gristle of the modern black metal of the band’s homeland, Witchery made a name for themselves on the underground. With the release of Symphony for the Devil, the Swedish troupe perfected the admixture and made a classic album on par with some of the legendary artists of the genre. The riffs come at you fast, such as on the chugging neo-classical thrash of instrumental “Bone Mill” and the blow-out-your-doors intensity of “Wicked,” or decelerated to grindy mid-tempos, such as on such as on the Motörhead-inspired “Unholy War,” and with varied tempos within the parameters of a single song. (“Shallow Grave,” for example, melds doomy passages and lightning-quick solos immaculately.) The key is the guitars here, always bigger than life and leading every song like a general would troops to battle. Though the production allows for the other instrumentation to be heard — witness “Enshrined” and its prominently displayed bouncy, fuzzy bassline — it is the amazing fretwork that drives Symphony for the Devil to the dizzying heights to which it aspires. Toxine’s vocals still resemble a poor-man’s Lee Dorian, which isn’t to say that he’s in need of replacing; however, it’s understandable if some see his pipes as the weak link in the Witchery ensemble. But this is a minor complaint. On this, the band’s third full-length (not counting an EP and a disc that retroverts to the Satanic Slaughter salad days of bandleader Ztephan Dark), Witchery takes the aggression of the earliest Slayer and Metallica discs to new levels while adding the songwriting abilities that both of those acts would find later. There’s nothing watered down about Symphony for the Devil, except for the tears of joy from rivetheads who have been looking for a disc this satisfying for a decade.

Line up on this album is
Toxine (Tony Kampner) – Vocals (Satanic Slaughter, Séance)
Patrik Jensen – Guitars (The Haunted, Brujeria, Seance, Satanic Slaughter, Orchriste)
Richard Corpse – Guitars (Seance)
Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass (Arch Enemy, Sinergy, Illwill, Dismember, Mercyful Fate, Facelift, Spiritual Beggars)
Martin Axe – Drums (Nephenzy Chaos Order, Nifelheim, Satanic Slaughter, Triumphator, Bloodbath, Opeth)

Track listing:
1. The Storm
2. Unholy Wars
3. Inquisition
4. Omens
5. Bone Mill
6. None Buried Deeper
7. Wicked
8. Called For By Death
9. Hearse Of The Pharaohs
10. Shallow Grave
11. Enshrined
12. The One Within

  Wolfen Society (Acheron/Dark Funeral) – Conquer Divine, MCD

Released via No Fascion Records 2001

Wolfen Society is an illustrious occult misanthropic side project assembled in late 2000 by Vincent Crowley of Acheron and Lord Ahriman from Dark Funeral. They completed the line up with drummer Kyle Severn and Vital Remains singer Jeff Gruslin. Also involved were guitarist Riktor Ravensbrack and keyboard player Thomas Thjorn of Industrialists The Electric Hellfire Club. However, just prior to recording of the four track EP ‘Conquer Divine’ in September of 2000 Gruslin backed out of the venture and Crowley duly took over the lead vocal role with Thjorn supporting. The EP, released by No Fashion Records in Europe and House Of Death in North America, would include a notable cover version of Carnivores ‘Race War’.

Track listing:
1. Conquer Divine
2. Blood Oath
3. Life Is War
4. Race War-Carnivore cover

  Infernal – The Infernal Compendium,CD

Released via The Flawless Team, 2003

Jeezuz how can anyone pick out such an original name as ‘Infernal’. This among all others Infernal hails from Colombia and everything about this band feels like clichés, the productions sucks and the singer with his high-pitched screaming sounds just to mad. But after all it isn’t as bad as it sounds. This is punishing and primitive old school black/thrash metal. Many of the songs (‘A Forgotten Place’ etc.) bring ‘Bergtatt’ era Ulver to mind and overall the work has a strong Norwegian influence. All the way down to the bad grammar and the crude and ugly cover, it’s all there. The level of technicality is quite high too, just listen to the instrumentals ‘The Infernal Throne’ and ‘Evil Millennium’. There’s some keyboards here and there, but they get drowned by the other instruments and cannot be heard without paying a great deal of attention to the songs. Its not bad even if 70 minutes feels like to much but its
good for driving annoying people away from you and good for killing bugs too!

Track listing:
The New Dawn
1. Force
2. A Forgotten Place
3. The Infernal Throne (Instrumental)
4. The Gates Of Glory
5. Evil Millenium (Instrumental)
6. War Forever
7. Freedom and Pleasure
8. In the Silence a Morning Star
9. Power of Circle
10. Total Feeling

Whipping The Sacred Law
11. In The Horizon Shines a Light
12. A Sign of Destruction
13. Cham Dead
14. Unholy War God
15. In The Memory of My Soul
16. Deny the Lie
17. In the Search
18. To the waited Meeting
19. My Belief
20. Lost in the Thoughts of Labyrinths
21. War Forever
22. Force

  Daemonlord – Hellfire Centuries,CD

Released via Label Ketzer 2005
Daemonlord plays fast black intolerant warhymn metal from Spain. Underground sound in the old northern vein.
War war war war

Track listing:
1. Rifles and Hammers
2. Riding the Mushhushu
3. Monuments of Bereavement
4. The Shattering
5. Ancient Goddess of Lust and Battle
6. The Cannibals of Maarat
7. The Paths of Glory
8. Apocalypse Revisited
9. Wasteland 2035
10. Kill the Descendants of Christ
11. The Sharpened Edge of Ignorance

Of Corpse there are a hell of a lots more in the storage, to a comprehendive price. Just visit TPL Records online!



DARK FUNERAL news 2 – one hell of exclusive offer!!

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Some incrediable offer from the blackmetal legion Dark Funeral:


Due to lack of space in our rehearsal room, we have come to realize that we need to get rid of some of the stuff to make room for new and more important gear – gear that we will need when we’re back at full force again, which should be in a not too distant future!

To begin with, we have pick out 2 Sidedrops that we used during our worldwide touring for “Attera Totus Sanctus”. See ad and info below….



2 x Sidedrops (pentagrams)
Measures: 2×3 meters (approx 79 x 118 inch)

Used during the worldwide touring for the bands highly acclaimed “Attera Totus Sanctus” album!

Check out some live photos here:

*Sold seperately or as a pair!

FENRIZ ny skribent på Close Up Magazine!

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Den legendariske Darkthrone-mannen Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell har under lång tid drivit sitt omtyckta “Band of the week”-projekt på Myspace (numera är det en helt egen webbsajt på adressen  premierar i och med zinets maj-nummer som ny Close-Up-medarbetare med  inslaget “Månadens band” .

New arrivals in WATAIN merch store!!

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Watain - Lawless Darkness (Black Shirt)
Lawless Darkness. On black shirt.


Watain - Acta Non Verbat


Watain - Black Metal Militia Hood


Watain - Forever Lawless Collage


Watain - Forever Lawless Ziphood


Watain - Kiss of Death - Girlie


Watain - Lawless Photo Girlie


Watain - Watain & Death T-shirt


Watain - Devils Blood Girlie


Watain - Fuck The World



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Mystical Fullmoon började lysa i slutet av 1994 när Thaumiel (VOX / gitarr) och Equinoxe (trummor) sammanförde sina sina styrkor i ett death / black metal projekt kallat Morbid Entity. Året därpå förstärktes de av Lord Erebor (kompgitarr) och IT (bas ), varvid kärnan i bandet,soundmässigt utverkades.

 SDW Metal har nu fått intervju med Mystical Fullmoon – på engelska!

Here comes Gnosis!

When you stepped into the scene it looks you had a solid foundation to start with. What have changed during the years?

– Almost everything has changed.  To tell the truth: the band’s line-up, our style, our looks, the way we compose music, the scene we relate to…. change is a natural and positive energy, we shouldn’t fear it. But I have to say that one thing hasn’t changed at all: I’m talking about our attitude, and the passion with which we approach the difficult task of being musicians. On the other hand, one thing that has really changed for the worst is the loss of an actual market for underground music: today’s kids just take for granted that you can go on the net and illegally download any album you please, without thinking of the consequences. Is this the way to show support to the bands you like?? I just don’t get it.

Several persons has been part of the band line-up. Whom has been best working with?

– I have no doubt in saying that the best among all our ex members has been our drummer Equinoxe: He actually created the band back in 1994, and his creative input has always been significant, for example although being the drummer,  he wrote several guitar riffs and gave outstanding ideas for the album’s arrangements. He is also a very skilled performer, considering his background rooted in jazz studies. Unfortunately we had to part ways since he had lost interest in extreme metal and our goals and ambitions weren’t compatible anymore, but this hasn’t stopped him to still be a loyal friend of ours.

Has there been any struggle between members according to issue making production?

– To tell the truth, not at all!  This album  (“Scoringg a Liminal Phase”) was really complex and ambitious to conceive, so we spent countless hours to speculate on its artistic purpose, so when we entered the studio we had a very clear vision on how it should come out. There’s a special chemistry among us so we always end up agreeing on (almost) everything, the way we work is a crossoroad between telepathy and sincronicity.

When one check the listed influenses on your facebook side for example, there is a lot..which is the top 5?

– It’s always been very difficult for me to point out just a small selection of my favourite artists, because my tastes in music are vast, and they may change with time. However, I think that the most influent names for me are Emperor, Samael, Mortuary Drape, Ulver and Dissection.

In 2007 you toured with Swedish band Dismember. Which now existing swedish band would you like to tour with?

– Probably I would say Marduk since as a kid I grew up listening to iconic albums such as “Those of the unlight”, “Opus Nocturne” and “Heavens shall burn…” so it would be a honour to share the same stage with them. Watain are another great act, I love their music. As a side note, if I could think of some name of the past I’d definitely mention Dissection.

Hope you have the chance tour with them then!

What is the strangest place you found your self in?

– In no particular order: a Hollywood-style car crash on the highway with cars flying over my head (just a few days ago), a court room during a trial about satanic serial killers, working in a fifteenth-century castle…. pick your choice!

Historical person you prefer spend some time with? and why?

– Anyone who built the pyramids, whoever they might be!

Is it hard for new bands reach breakthrough in Italy?

– It’s utterly hard, I cannot even start to list all the issues we have to face on a daily basis: lack of clubs, lack of professional booking agencies, lack of support from the local audience, lack of cooperation among the bands themselves…. and this brings Italian bands to be constantly underestimated abroad, and that’s a pity because there are some amazing acts here.


Gnosis talks about the album:

– “The album “Scoring a Liminal Phase” has been produced by Alex Azzali, one of the best metal producers in Italy renowed for his work with artists such as Steve di Giorgio, Ancient, Cataract, Mortuary Drape, Cro Mags etc.., the album lasts 74 minutes (!) and presents 10 tracks where our metal backgrund often leaves space to ambient, jazz and symphonic digressions, but always with a strong sense of coherence: the whole record unfolds in a very narrative and visionary way, it’s like a dark trip within mysterious and uncanny soundscapes. The album has been published in digital format by Kill Zone Records (released on september 2009),  and will soon be released in physical format      aswell. Unfortunately we’ve been victim of circumstances outside our control that have dramatically postponed this event, an exact release date hasn’t been set yet but it could be before summer.

Would you rather have proffesional models showing off your merch, or do you prefer fans sendicng pics of themselves using any of your shirts?

– Well it all came out by chance…. Lucifera Gorewhore (the british model known for her work with Danzing and Dimmu Borgir, whom you can see on our sites sporting our shirt) is a good friend of mine, so I just asked her if she could lend her beauty to our “cause”: we had the shirts but not a good picture to present them, and I have to say that Lucifera’s help was really precious. By the way, we’re also preparing a photogallery of fans/friends/supporters wearing our shirts, I’ve already received several contributions so I hope I’ll be able to put it online soon.

Your favourite drink?

– I’ve never taken part in the usual alcohol frenziness which seems to be a fundamental staple of any metalhead. I drink wathever I want depending on my mood, be it a soft drink or a good beer. As far as alcohol is concerned, my preference is towards red wine, or absynthe. I like beer but I can easily live without it.

Would you prefer:

Sweden or Italy?

– I’ve visited Sweden and it’s a beautiful country, there are so many things I appreciate in it, but eventually I think I’d stick with my fatherland.

Bathory or Divine Codex?

– Bathory all the way.

Setherial singer Infaustus or South African singer/musician Anton van Niekerk (Verkrag)

– I think I would choose Infaustus. I like his voice and I greatly respect Setherial.

Alaska or wild Australia?

– Though I usually prefer colder climates, I think I’d go for Australia, there are so many different things worth visiting there.

Thank you Gnosis for this interview. May the black light shines on the Mystical Moon


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Blackwinds – rå dynamisk svensk ultrakraftfull blackmetal.

Bandet Blackwinds, som letade sig upp från de underjordiska katakomberna under stenbelagda vägar i “drakstaden” Sundsvall för mer än 2 decennier sedan (1998) är utformad både på nydanande vis och i enlighet med det “traditionella” blackmetalstuket.

Även den starkaste orkanstyrka som uppmätts sedan begynnelsen, minskar radikalt i omfång i jämförelse med det stormande inferno som uppbådas på bandets båda fullängdare – Origin och Flesh Inferno.

Blackwinds tar verkligen den svartmetalliska andan till helt nya nivåer med en kaliber som ligger miltals ljusår bortom tom den mörkaste imagniära sfär man än kan tänka sig med dessa båda alster!

Svensk blackmetalkult

Både Infaustus och Lord Mysteriis har utarbetat magnifik högkvalikativ produktion på dessa båda editioner, Med bistånd av Lord Kraath, som genom sin insats förhöjer kvaliteten än mer.Zathanels insats är även den fantastisk.Och ska den svarta sanningen fram, så kan man säga att trots att blackmetalakter såsom Dark Funeral och Necrophobic, vars konstellationer jag värdesätter högt, hamnar lite i skymundan när Blackwinds ljudmässigt sett proklamerar att orkanstyrka 666 är i antågande!

Genom åren har Infaustus utvecklat en säregen sångstil, som med andra ord kan beskrivas som sprungen ur en rejält blespfemisk åskknall en kulen sommardag. I synnerhet när man har låtar såsom “Before Time” dundrande i öronsnäckorna.Eller titelspåret “Flesh Inferno”. En låt som ger kalla kårar längs ryggraden av extasisk natur är 7:e låten på flesh Inferno – Inquisition. Dessutom skallrar det till rejält under de anstormande ljudvågorna som ekar med brutalt efterskalv flera sekunder efter att sista ackordet ebbat ut och allt åter är kav lugnt.

Ska man betygsätta dessa album, så ser den bistra verkligheten ut som så, att Flesh Inferno  kammar hem hela 9p (av 10), varav några poäng utdelas för den ultraschyssta coverart illustrationen av Erik Danielsson (Watain).

 Albumet Origin, som ugavs samma år som Flesh Inferno (2008) och innehåller demolåtarna från EP:n från 1999 – The Black Wraiths Ascend erhåller  också 9p

“Vicious Companion” – aptitretare från WOLF

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De kallas “sons of steel”. Killarna i ett av Sveriges bästa heavymetalband – WOLF!

Som en aptiretare till kommande album – “Legions of Bastards” som är bandets 6:e i ordningen finns nu låten Vicious Companion tillgänglig att avnjuta:

Låten Vicous Companions är en riktigt refrängsstark, dynamiskt rockigt svängig låt, som mer än gärna får mitt hjärta förvandlas till sten, hur ofta som helst!! Jag gillar den verkligen!

“Legions of Bastards” kommer ut på följande datum:
Tyskland / Österrike / Schweiz / NORGE: Fredag 22 april 2011.
UK / Benelux / Frankrike / GREKLAND / DANMARK / Portugal / ÖVRIGA EUROPA: måndag 25 april 2011.
Nordamerika / SPANIEN / ITALIEN: Tisdag 26 april 2011.
Sverige / Finland / UNGERN: onsdag 27 april 2011.
Australien / Nya Zeeland: Fredag 29 april 2011.

Och det finns följande format att välja på:

– Standard jewelcase CD
– Ltd Edition Digipack CD inklusive den unika bonuslåten “6 steps” från senaste albumet “Ravenous”, en cover av Metal Church:s klassiker “Method To Your Madness” och en WOLF dekal.
– Gatefold vinyl LP, inklusive hela CD från Digipak version.Vinylen kommer att finnas tillgänglig i 3 olika färger:
100 i blå / grön vinyl, endast tillgängligt via Nuclear Blast postorder i Europa
400 i röd vinyl, endast tillgängliga via CM Distro
500 i svart vinyl, endast tillgänglig i Europa

Albumet editeras via Century media Records (besök gärna sidan för mer info)

Releaseparty i Tyskland!

Den 29:e April kommer ett hejdundrande releaseparty gå av stapeln – i Tyskland!

WOLF – Live Bastards
26,04. FIN – Helsingfors / Club Prkl
27,04. FIN – Tammerfors / Yo-Talo
28,04. FIN – Seinäjoki / Rytmikorjaamo
30,04. GER – Dortmund / Rock In Den Ruinen Festival
04.06. SWE – Blädinge / Tyrolen / Muskelrocken Festival
12,08. Storbritannien – Catton Hall / Derbyshire / Bloodstock Festival
20,08. GER – Dinkelsbühl / Summer Breeze Festival

Firewind + WOLF
“Defiance Over Europe” Tour 2011
Presenteras av: Blackstar Förstärkning, Rock Hard (Tyskland), Rock Tribune (Benelux) och Lords Of Metal (Benelux)
FR 09.09. Southampton, Storbritannien – Talking Head
SA 10,09. Manchester, UK – Moho
SU 11,09. Glasgow, Skottland – Apollo 23
MO 12,09. Reading, Storbritannien – Sub 89
VI 14,09. Zoetermeer, NL – Boerderij
TH 15,09. Den Bosch, NL – W2
FR 16,09. Kerkrade, NL – Rock Temple
SA 17,09. Vosselaar, BEL – Biebob
SU 18,09. Köln, GER – Underground
MO 19,09. Aschaffenburg, GER – Colos Saal
TU 20,09. Hamburg, GER – Knust
TH 22,09. Wien, AUT – Szene
FR 23,09. Brunico, IT – UFO
SA 24,09. Pisa, IT – Borderline
MO 26,09. Paris, FRA – Le Nouveau Casino
Biljetterna till turnén börjar säljas start 29 mars, 2011! / wolfheavymetal