Inferius Torment är ett extremt sataniskt black/deathmetal band från Ryssland. Här följer en intervju med bandets infernaliske sångare Inferior på engelska:

5 things you would not do without?
Manifestation of Death, Will, Temptation, musical forms, energy.

If you had the chance to meet a historical figure. Who would it be & why?
There is no such person for me. Mental communication with dead people brings a tribute to the perception, so this
crack may serve well as a vector for further knowledge of the Dark.

Your views on the music scene? local, regional, global?
I can’t say anything about the local music scene… not interested in it. Throughout the world, I can mark out
some people creating at the intersection of ritual practices and musical forms of Ritual-ambient.

If you could predict the trend .. how do you think it will look like the type 10 – 15 years? 100 years?
Time breaks down the primitive basis of live sounds and action. I don’t take into account the black metal.
Ritual-ambient is more decent form for thoughts, reflection.

Have you ever felt that you would like to make off with whatever you are doing now and do something completely different?
I don’t think about such things. My path is completely saturated, it’s possible to work on the musical and visual
forms, to improve as a leader and creator. I think that such thoughts sow the seeds of doubt, you must demonstrate
consciousness and will to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Life philosophy?
Self-awareness. Perception of the world through the prism of Dark hypostases. Searching.

Political Position?
Not interested in politics.

At this stage of my spiritual development, religion is a source of inspiration and search. The study of exorcism
and ordinances within the practices of the ROC allowed me to understand the course of things and some laws of the
Dark and to associate their essence with musical forms.

How do you think the utopian society would look like?
The return of the primitive consciousness and understanding of the world can lead a person into a state of
satisfaction with freedom.

Pets? dog / cat person? Other?
In ritual purposes.

Funniest / saddest memory?
Psychoactive experience after eating mushrooms. / Love.

Favorite drink?

The five best albums? Worst?
My favorite CD:
  Mayhem – “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” 1994.
“Canons give opportunity to see the cracks”.

  Satyricon – “Rebel Extravaganza” 1999.
“It is the form of the existence that is legalized in itself. This is the mental and physical principles balance”.

  Necromental – “I” 2009.
“The first experience is totally devoted to sacrificial glorification of the Bone Gods and other Dark essences

  Shamanic Ritual – “Throat singing” – 2009.
“There is a connection with Holotropic breathing practices and techniques of spiritual breathing, throat singing
of the Siberian shamans, in order to enter the astral and other planes. Such moments are real tests of your devotion”.

Antonio Vivaldi – “Concerto for Two Violins: A Minor” – 1735. “A Source of inspiration”. Anything else gives source of inspiration?
No. The main Sources of inspiration: Night, dead people, dirge, senility, ROC, dead trees, engravings, Witchcraft, exorcism…

Worst: 95% of all black metal.

Best concert memory?
Each concert brings experience. Positive or negative emotions – it’s not important. The main thing is experience
contributing to continue the way.

Best movie?
Lectures of A. Osipov about Orthodoxy.

Strangest place you found yourself in?
Cemetery in the bloody Moon.

What will happen in the closest future? (new album) concerts, tours etc..
Ceremony Of Godslaying album is the final version of the overall work. Participated in the recording Torturer (Mor Dagor, Belphegor). 8 tracks + video to complete the integrity of the album. The concept is based on: scripture, female Demonic beginning, gospel, exorcism, consideration of Darkness hypostases from the position of the Devil Worship and the choice … The completion of ideas – cross of sheep in the video by the echoes of Agnus Dei Mass. Mixing and mastering is scheduled in mid-July, at the Stage One Studio (DE). Sound Director – Andy Classen.

Any last words ?
Abyssus Abyssum Invocat.


Inferior | Vocals.
Morbid | Guitar.
KSS | Guitar ll.
Ferrum | Bass.
Hammer | Drums.


One Response to “INFERIUS TORMENT interview”

  1. engHell Says:

    “The main Sources of inspiration: Night, dead people, dirge, senility, ROC, dead trees, engravings, Witchcraft, exorcism…”

    “Worst: 95% of all black metal.”

    Ha ha, what a fucking cliché this/these guy(s), bitching about other bm bands. It would be appropriate if they could deliver some great stuff themselves, but after listening on their Myspace it’s easy to see that they’re not really bad, just really generic and definitely nothing special themselves.

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