Mystical Fullmoon började lysa i slutet av 1994 när Thaumiel (VOX / gitarr) och Equinoxe (trummor) sammanförde sina sina styrkor i ett death / black metal projekt kallat Morbid Entity. Året därpå förstärktes de av Lord Erebor (kompgitarr) och IT (bas ), varvid kärnan i bandet,soundmässigt utverkades.

 SDW Metal har nu fått intervju med Mystical Fullmoon – på engelska!

Here comes Gnosis!

When you stepped into the scene it looks you had a solid foundation to start with. What have changed during the years?

– Almost everything has changed.  To tell the truth: the band’s line-up, our style, our looks, the way we compose music, the scene we relate to…. change is a natural and positive energy, we shouldn’t fear it. But I have to say that one thing hasn’t changed at all: I’m talking about our attitude, and the passion with which we approach the difficult task of being musicians. On the other hand, one thing that has really changed for the worst is the loss of an actual market for underground music: today’s kids just take for granted that you can go on the net and illegally download any album you please, without thinking of the consequences. Is this the way to show support to the bands you like?? I just don’t get it.

Several persons has been part of the band line-up. Whom has been best working with?

– I have no doubt in saying that the best among all our ex members has been our drummer Equinoxe: He actually created the band back in 1994, and his creative input has always been significant, for example although being the drummer,  he wrote several guitar riffs and gave outstanding ideas for the album’s arrangements. He is also a very skilled performer, considering his background rooted in jazz studies. Unfortunately we had to part ways since he had lost interest in extreme metal and our goals and ambitions weren’t compatible anymore, but this hasn’t stopped him to still be a loyal friend of ours.

Has there been any struggle between members according to issue making production?

– To tell the truth, not at all!  This album  (“Scoringg a Liminal Phase”) was really complex and ambitious to conceive, so we spent countless hours to speculate on its artistic purpose, so when we entered the studio we had a very clear vision on how it should come out. There’s a special chemistry among us so we always end up agreeing on (almost) everything, the way we work is a crossoroad between telepathy and sincronicity.

When one check the listed influenses on your facebook side for example, there is a lot..which is the top 5?

– It’s always been very difficult for me to point out just a small selection of my favourite artists, because my tastes in music are vast, and they may change with time. However, I think that the most influent names for me are Emperor, Samael, Mortuary Drape, Ulver and Dissection.

In 2007 you toured with Swedish band Dismember. Which now existing swedish band would you like to tour with?

– Probably I would say Marduk since as a kid I grew up listening to iconic albums such as “Those of the unlight”, “Opus Nocturne” and “Heavens shall burn…” so it would be a honour to share the same stage with them. Watain are another great act, I love their music. As a side note, if I could think of some name of the past I’d definitely mention Dissection.

Hope you have the chance tour with them then!

What is the strangest place you found your self in?

– In no particular order: a Hollywood-style car crash on the highway with cars flying over my head (just a few days ago), a court room during a trial about satanic serial killers, working in a fifteenth-century castle…. pick your choice!

Historical person you prefer spend some time with? and why?

– Anyone who built the pyramids, whoever they might be!

Is it hard for new bands reach breakthrough in Italy?

– It’s utterly hard, I cannot even start to list all the issues we have to face on a daily basis: lack of clubs, lack of professional booking agencies, lack of support from the local audience, lack of cooperation among the bands themselves…. and this brings Italian bands to be constantly underestimated abroad, and that’s a pity because there are some amazing acts here.


Gnosis talks about the album:

– “The album “Scoring a Liminal Phase” has been produced by Alex Azzali, one of the best metal producers in Italy renowed for his work with artists such as Steve di Giorgio, Ancient, Cataract, Mortuary Drape, Cro Mags etc.., the album lasts 74 minutes (!) and presents 10 tracks where our metal backgrund often leaves space to ambient, jazz and symphonic digressions, but always with a strong sense of coherence: the whole record unfolds in a very narrative and visionary way, it’s like a dark trip within mysterious and uncanny soundscapes. The album has been published in digital format by Kill Zone Records (released on september 2009),  and will soon be released in physical format      aswell. Unfortunately we’ve been victim of circumstances outside our control that have dramatically postponed this event, an exact release date hasn’t been set yet but it could be before summer.

Would you rather have proffesional models showing off your merch, or do you prefer fans sendicng pics of themselves using any of your shirts?

– Well it all came out by chance…. Lucifera Gorewhore (the british model known for her work with Danzing and Dimmu Borgir, whom you can see on our sites sporting our shirt) is a good friend of mine, so I just asked her if she could lend her beauty to our “cause”: we had the shirts but not a good picture to present them, and I have to say that Lucifera’s help was really precious. By the way, we’re also preparing a photogallery of fans/friends/supporters wearing our shirts, I’ve already received several contributions so I hope I’ll be able to put it online soon.

Your favourite drink?

– I’ve never taken part in the usual alcohol frenziness which seems to be a fundamental staple of any metalhead. I drink wathever I want depending on my mood, be it a soft drink or a good beer. As far as alcohol is concerned, my preference is towards red wine, or absynthe. I like beer but I can easily live without it.

Would you prefer:

Sweden or Italy?

– I’ve visited Sweden and it’s a beautiful country, there are so many things I appreciate in it, but eventually I think I’d stick with my fatherland.

Bathory or Divine Codex?

– Bathory all the way.

Setherial singer Infaustus or South African singer/musician Anton van Niekerk (Verkrag)

– I think I would choose Infaustus. I like his voice and I greatly respect Setherial.

Alaska or wild Australia?

– Though I usually prefer colder climates, I think I’d go for Australia, there are so many different things worth visiting there.

Thank you Gnosis for this interview. May the black light shines on the Mystical Moon


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