Metalpeople 31 – Evil Lucifera

It is not usual to hear a woman growl like a man within the metal scene. until today I am aware of not least than 3 women who can! One of them is the infernal female vokiller – evil Lucifera!  Hearing is beliving in the power..

Describe a typical day?-Listen to music,and,when I’ve new song,work on it,write lyrics or poems, work on photos,or logos (sometimes I do logo for friends) and/OR manage my websites, eat and drinks,correspondence on the Internet,physical activity, alternative healing,and when I can,i drive fast (I love racing with the car)

5 things you would not do without?


– Maybe I can say music 5 times,ahah Ok,seriously…Music,creativity ,pc,food/drinks, my natural concoctions for beauty and health.

If you had the chance to meet a historical figure. Who would it be & why?


– None, I have no particular interest in the past,and in the people,too I am not fascinated by the people of the story, or something like.

Your views on the music scene? local, regional, global?


– My vision is pretty demoralized,especially for local and regional. In Italy there are so many narrow-mindedness and stupidity, that there is no room for black metal, and it’s really hard to get out of here,

where reigns the shitty music. Globally,I think that extreme kinds of metal are now bastardized by the various strands nu metal,hardocore,etc.And it’s not good, I really hope for a return to origins.

If you could predict the trend .. how do you think it will look like the type 10 – 15 years? 100 years?


-It is quite difficult try to predict…Maybe in the future we get to hear something so contaminated by wanting to immediately fire us to end our suffering, lol. Maybe a kind of tokio hotel-black metal,or something like,could be really a terrible trend,hahaha

Have you ever felt that you would like to make off with whatever you are doing now and do something completely different? In what probably find the moderator?


– No, I never wanted to do anything else, I’ve always had very clear ideas,rather, I wanted to be born in another country, probably would be easier to do what I always wanted to do.

Life philosophy?
-Hitting before being struck Do what you want, not caring about other people’s opinions Not allow to the mass to absorb you,always be yourself.

Political position?
-Personally I don’t follow politics, especially with the shitty members around. Who wants a life full of ease, always do the politician…why?


I think that the answer is really easy.

– Satanism. But first of all,you have to believe in yourself.


How do you think the utopian society would look like?


-Less humans,less corrupt people ready to commit the worst squalor for few money, elimination of the major religious leaders that try every day to influence the minds of the ignorant.

Total freedom,total justice,total respect for nature and animals.

Pets? dog / cat person? another?


-A ferret,unfortunately died on summer 2009.No other pets now.


Funniest / saddest memory?


-I can’t choose the funniest memory, since there are many, and I don’t know the one I enjoyed most. The saddest is the death of my little ferret, caused by a medical error.

Favorite drink?


– Sparkling Strawberry

The five best albums? Worst?


Anorexia Nervosa-Drudenhaus

Dark Funeral -Attera Totus Sanctus
Limbonic Art – In Abhorrence Dementia
Dimmu Borgir -Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Naglfar– Sheol

Worst-I don’t remember even the name, I bought an album years ago from a catalog, along with other cd, the price was 1€, (knew neither the band nor the album, given the low price, I bought out of curiosity)after listening, I understood why that price, ahh, really terrible!

Best concert memory?


– No Mercy Festival, Milan, some years ago. I enjoyed it a lot, listened to many cool bands,and met Glenn Benton, and other musicians in the backstage area.

Best movie?
-Hellraiser – for ever!

Strangest place you found yourself in?


– I remained locked in the bathroom of a rehearsal room once.

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