Metalpeople del 27 – ESET

Describe a typical day?
– Being ‘annoyed’ by the dog and husband, artwork, cooking and baking the ancient way, herbal medicine and alternative healing, internetting (which I have to admit is way too much again), mailing, exercising, etc. Just what I feel for actually.

5 things you would not do without?
– Music, my husband, creativity, eating, drinking, breathing. In other words there is not much I couldn’t do without. I’m not a materialistic person, about all is to replace.

If you had the chance to meet a historical figure. Who would it be & why?
-I don’t feel the urge to meet any. I’m not really a people’s person, either it is the garbage man or a president. For me there is no difference, we all are humans and since I’m not to keen about humanity I rather prefer to run into a moose.

Your views on the music scene? local, regional, global?
– It is a pity to see that many are loosing their touch with the roots of  Black Metal. To see for so many, mostly the new generation, certain bands like Cradle of Filth is seen as THE Black Metal scene these days and further their knowledge of BM stops with the mainstream bands, they just don’t have any idea what it truly is, not even to mention  their fucked up attitude towars others. Living in a fantasy world nourished by a song text or an image. I don’t think this kind of music was ever meant to become nothing more then a joke like that. Luckily how ever there are still good underground bands out there though and sometimes I am suprised to see where they are coming from!

If you could predict the trend .. how do you think it will look like the type 10 – 15 years? 100 years?
– I can’t predict, so I also don’t see the point of why I should give it a try even.

Have you ever felt that you would like to make off with whatever you are doing now and do something completely different? If so in what?
– Not at this very moment, but in the past I have made more sudden changes in life, so who knows for the future. In what it’s hard to say, depends on what I feel for at that very moment.

Life philosophy?
– Be proud of who you are and where you come from! Believe in your own strength and learn to look at the small things in life which are so often forgotten and yet so important. There is no such thing as a stupid mistake, it is how you deal with it which makes the difference between stupid or wise, blablabla…

Political position?
– None! I am not interested in politics what so ever. Mostly just empty promises.

– Man is his own god! Believe in yourself!

How do you think the utopian society would look like?
Less humans, being yourself without being judged and living the life you want to, in other words true freedom!

Pets? dog / cat person? another?
– We got a dog and a tortoise, but admitted I am more a cat person, only my husband is not. I do not like pets being caged. Mother nature didn’t create them to be locked up and I don’t get it why humanity think it is oke to do to animals what they don’t want others to do to themselves.

Funniest / saddest memory?
– The saddest I prefer to keep for myself. Funiest is somewhat difficult, we always make fun of everything and everyone, each other even. We just see the humor in almost everything. But I guess one of the most embarrassing memories I have was when I ran into a blind and told him to watch where he was going.

Favorite drink?
– Coca Cola Light

The five best albums? Worst?
1., S/T – Dark Funeral
2., Dawn of  iron blades – Graveland
3., Witches Sabbath – Helsefyr
4., Zwijgen als het graf – Dodenkrocht
5., Profane rite of morbid glorification – Funereus

I don’t have bad CDs and I don’t spend any time to figure out which CDs are bad, waste of energy, but I bet that will be far more then  favorite albums 😉

Best concert memory?
– Noordschok Holland 2007. First time I saw Dark Funeral perform and met Chaq Mol and Lord Ahriman.

Best movie?
– Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Strangest place you found yourself in?
– Being locked up in a toilet in a train in Scotland.


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