There is a saying that goes: “One man´s dead, the other’s livelihood”
To me it seems that Anton Van Niekerk made a wise choice when he abandoned his first soloproject Sanguinarius, to engage himself wholeheartedly in VERKRAG
Verkrag is an Afrikaans word meaning;
Rape, (raped, raping), violation, assault, ravishment
In this soloproject Anton Van Niekerk is peeling away all unnecessary clutter and return to the roots and true spirit of the blackmetalscene..
One of the songs on the album 13 Victims is the dark and monstrous epic tune INCESTuous. It gives you wenetious shivers beyond 666 times around,when you sence the heart starts pumping the blood around. You also feel the bloodlust approaching when you become embraced by the beautiful melodic middleparts of the song 13 VICTIMS.


The highlights of this album I must say comes with Cleansing of the Whore, in which Anton liberates all inhibitions!

“I will punish you for your whoring life
Carving and cutting your sins away
blunt blade butcher..brings redemption
I am your God – Pray (to me)”

As society looks today, (aswell as centuries ago)aren´t we all whores? Eventhough some people deny they actually living in sin? The pleasure of living in sin is what´s making us affirm our true self. I think that is what Anton wants us to see – to look beyond the strained obediance and give in for the truth that lies within the freedom of being yourself.

So don´t be yet another  victim! Neither become yet another whore! Cleanse yourself and release the demon of pleasant lust…

What can I say about the entire album then?

Well that ought to be that Anton with raw, bark attached voice, proclaims with an authorative tone and doomy clarity the downfall and tragedy of living in the modern world.

But who can explain the idea and point with this project better than the creator himself:

Anton continues to work with Wrath Passion (Norway) as the new session vocalist. The latest collaboration track entitled ‘CREATIO EX NIHILO’ is online now at the Verkrag and Wrath Passion pages. The track with Throne of Malediction (U.S.A) entitled ‘Never Enough’ is now online as well and Anton has also done a collaboration song with Sandmist (Malta) entitled ‘The Inquisition’.

The video with Demonic Cunt unfortunately won’t happen anymore but music videos are planned and more will be unveiled soon.




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