Into the wilderness with KHAOS AEON..

When I first heard about the german blackmetalact KHAOS AEON they just have finished the recording production of the demo Daath Opening of the Abyss. ( Which still is available to order.. I think)

Now, when 2 years have passed a few things have happened. Khaos Aeon finally got signed! It is the label Fog of the Apocalypse that paid attention to this remarkable band. Within the deal comes a release of the debutalbum, titled EXITUS. This album will be out sometime in the end of this year.

 EXITUS contains some new material mixed with new recordings from the previous demo:

1 Exitus
2 Demonic Fire
3 Burning Horizon ( Album Version )

4 Path Of The Razing (Album Version )
5  The One Who Spoke The Hidden Name
6  Apocalyptical Coalescence ( Album Version )
7  Womb Of Night’s Darkest Dreams
8  Ha – Ha – Ilan Hizon
9  Frozen – Dissection Cover

Diabolical Conquest Webzine Review Review Review

Khaos Aeon consists the 2 members
My opinion about the new songs is that what starts as a calm sereneade suddenly outburst in helvetic wild chaos somehow about 4:28 into the song The One Who Spoke the Hidden Name. Aswell as in Apocalyptical Coalescence.
If you haven´t paid attention to this excellent blackmetalact, you better start now!
In Darkness

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